Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Rosary Fumbling... A (Very) Brief Informational...

Attention!: This post contains Mariology (stuff about Mary, Jesus' mum) and other Catholic practices!

Attention (Part 2)!: Other questions that have been asked and are up for consideration; but didn't quite make this post:

1. 'If you were to mix God with AI technology what would happen, would it be something like SkyNet?' 

2. 'Do you get a wish if you get to heaven?'

3. 'If god is better than we are, how come we can think up unicorns but he can’t make them?

4. 'Same with mermaids.'

Attention (Part 3)!: Some of you may enjoy the experience of reading with the accompaniment of some Smooth Jazz, here is some such musiks:

I've come to realise over the last couple of months with sharply increasing frequency that a certain, seemingly odd, pattern of beads is catching the attention of friends and 'randomers' as they walk by (hopefully not thinking I belong to something similar to 'The Boondock Saints' sort of crowd), sometimes prompting quite a few people to voice questions about 'the Rosary'. So, here's the answer to all those who have asked or have ever wondered, but on the internet...

     The general populace (here-on referred to as... err... 'Dave'), has often stopped me in my tracks (by which I mean hunting down a local pub for a pint... or many, or in the pub and halfway through consuming a pint... or many), to ask what the whole thing is about; quite oft in the fashion of...

Well, Dave, this is a rosary, a set of prayer beads and I appear to be praying with them... The rosary is what we call a devotional prayer, an act in which we seek to ask Mary to pray or help us.

Some Christian 'Daves' of the non-Catholic persuasion may also ask, having noticed them:
(This question can also be followed with a question on whether this classes as worshipping Mary instead of God,kind of a no-no, a good question to ask!)

     Not quite, Dave-ette, we ascribe to believing in this thing called the 'Communion of Saints' in which people in heaven can still pray with and for people (no rest for the wicked, eh?); it is much the same as asking your friend to pray for you. This is the logic we apply when asking Mary to pray for us when using the rosary or in general.

     And so, one goes around the Rosary saying that famed Hail Mary prayer on little beads and Our Fathers on the big beads, thinking about events in Jesus' life which are either quite mysterious or have levels of mysteriousness about them... these events are, in fact, categorised with the wonderfully original name : The Mysteries.

     'But can't we just pray to Jesus and God directly?' I may hear forming in your mind... Absolutely, but this can be thought of as putting in a good word for you, giving them something to pray for when you need the extra support/ someone with the time to do it, or giving your prayer or the feeling you have to someone or something that can better articulate it, sometimes we ourselves don't quite know how to say everything perfectly or easily after all!

     Indeed, Dave and Dave-ette, 'cool beans'...

*Hilarious end-of-post picture here*

If there are more or unresolved questions on various things that Catholics or other religions do, feel free to comment!


Friday, 4 July 2014

A Bit of Catching Up!

Reception into the Roman Catholic Church:

I thought I'd kick-start the blog with some exciting news which happened a little while ago and have not yet properly shared, so, let's come out of the religious closet...

     On the 8th June 2014 I was received into the RC Church at St Thomas' of Canterbury, Canterbury, and all round it was a great day. In fact here I am with my sponsor! (Pic left)

 This second picture is another parishioner received at the same time as me by the Vicar General of the diocese (I was, by far, the most under-dressed for this occasion... I'm a student, I guess I'm allowed).

     Having gone to confession the previous day I was all prepped to receive the Eucharist at mass, for which I was both most excited and equally anxious. But before the Eucharist was taken I was still to be confirmed...

     The Vicar General called my saint's name (St. Benedict of Nursia), and I walked, slightly trembling, knelt on a cushion and was anointed with the oil of chrism by a cross traced by his thumb on my forehead (a friend did remark it was quite similar to the Lion King... but nowhere near as damn cute:
     He said: 'Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit' followed by a hand on the face with the words 'the peace of the Lord be always with you', as custom of the prior tradition of lightly slapping a candidate for confirmation to remember to keep the Faith.

     This was then followed with gorging of doughnuts in the church hall and a Wetherspoons meal. In all, a great day...

In the words of the Vicar General: May the peace of the Lord be always with you,