Friday, 4 July 2014

A Bit of Catching Up!

Reception into the Roman Catholic Church:

I thought I'd kick-start the blog with some exciting news which happened a little while ago and have not yet properly shared, so, let's come out of the religious closet...

     On the 8th June 2014 I was received into the RC Church at St Thomas' of Canterbury, Canterbury, and all round it was a great day. In fact here I am with my sponsor! (Pic left)

 This second picture is another parishioner received at the same time as me by the Vicar General of the diocese (I was, by far, the most under-dressed for this occasion... I'm a student, I guess I'm allowed).

     Having gone to confession the previous day I was all prepped to receive the Eucharist at mass, for which I was both most excited and equally anxious. But before the Eucharist was taken I was still to be confirmed...

     The Vicar General called my saint's name (St. Benedict of Nursia), and I walked, slightly trembling, knelt on a cushion and was anointed with the oil of chrism by a cross traced by his thumb on my forehead (a friend did remark it was quite similar to the Lion King... but nowhere near as damn cute:
     He said: 'Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit' followed by a hand on the face with the words 'the peace of the Lord be always with you', as custom of the prior tradition of lightly slapping a candidate for confirmation to remember to keep the Faith.

     This was then followed with gorging of doughnuts in the church hall and a Wetherspoons meal. In all, a great day...

In the words of the Vicar General: May the peace of the Lord be always with you,